With more than 750,000 chemical containers worldwide, the chemical supply chain is not only complex, but also full of risk. Senaya’s asset intelligence solution gives you the tools you need to accurately track, monitor, maintain, utilize, and secure your inventory in near real-time – giving you total peace of mind.


In the chemical industry container management is critical to supporting day-to-day business operations. When containers are out in the field, it can be difficult to know their exact location or status. Senaya’s solution automatically tracks chemical containers and identifies patterns in consumption, velocity, loss, and damage.

By removing costly and error-prone manual data collection, Senaya helps you mitigate risk by improving inventory accuracy while optimizing cost-efficiency by reducing shrink and increasing asset velocity. The return on investment with Senaya tracking and monitoring solutions is typically 12 to 16 months, or less.


With sensors for pressure, temperature, and liquid level, our solution provides new data streams that can be easily integrated into your existing business processes. By enhancing inventory management and streamlining operations, we help you improve efficiency and customer service.

Additionally, these new data streams provide you with a unique opportunity to open up new revenue streams and expand your business. Offering useful and innovative products/services based on intelligence derived from this data will help drive loyalty among both new and existing customers.

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