To extract the greatest revenue from your assets, you need ready access to comprehensive and near real-time information about their location, status, and utilization rates.

Senaya’s asset intelligence solutions help you optimize the business value of your mobile assets by delivering valuable information that’s both understandable and actionable. By providing detailed information on the location and status of your assets, we cut out the guesswork and allow you to make informed decisions about your business investments.


With Senaya as a SaaS partner, you can avoid the capital expenses of large-scale hardware and software purchases.

Our system is infrastructure free, making it more affordable and more reliable than traditional asset tracking systems that require significant investments in infrastructure. The Senaya Solution as a Service (SaaS) model helps you reduce your CAPEX burden while optimizing your return-on-assets (ROA) and cash flow. Moreover, our patent-pending technology will allow you to collect data today and long into the future without having to worry about costly infrastructure upgrades.

We ensure you have ready access to actionable information no matter where your assets are – on the road, in a warehouse, at a customer location, or anywhere in between – without the need for additional infrastructure or networking. Battery-powered sensors mounted on your assets transfer data to our cloud-based application using existing wireless networks.


Senaya’s advanced asset intelligence also helps you improve accountability for employees and vendors alike. It allows you to keep track of not only an asset’s current status, but also where it went, where it was damaged, or why it was delayed – all in real-time.

Advanced reporting and business intelligence capabilities help you understand exactly what happened to your assets. No more educated guesses, no more time-consuming non-value-added inquiries - just information that you can use to track problems to their source and confront them head on.

At Senaya we have the tools you need to monitor your assets and take action. We help you improve the financial performance of your asset management operations by increasing utilization and longevity of you mobile asset while reducing damage and loss.

Furthermore, our solutions also help you comply with regulatory requirements, support sustainability initiatives, and strengthen your brand in the marketplace.


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