Without a reliable, long-lasting power source, tracking pallets, bulk containers, and other non-powered assets has been a challenge for global logistics industries.

Senaya’s patented intelligent power management (IPM) algorithms, innovative integration of military-grade battery technologies, and cellular networks offer a compelling container tracking solution. Our solution delivers automated visibility and status information on virtually anything, virtually anywhere within your enterprise and/or supply chain at any time.


Senaya’s Asset Intelligence software combines data from our hardware with information about your assets’ location and your customer master data to give you an accurate picture of the location, status, and history of your assets.

We automatically collect and analyze the data in near real-time. This, in turn, gives you rapid access to the business insight you need to prioritize the business process improvement initiatives that are helping you cut losses from excess dwell times, shrink, diversion, and damage within your supply chain.


Senaya’s hardware module can be attached to nearly any non-powered, reusable asset. Whether you use pallets, IBC’s, ISO tanks, racks, or custom containers, Senaya’s hardware can be used to track, monitor, and analyze the performance of that asset within your supply chain – without investment in infrastructure or manual data collection.

Our problem-solving approach applies to our sensor technology as well. We currently integrate sensors for location, temperature, shock and more into our hardware. These flexible solutions can be customized further to meet your specific business requirements.

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