Every oil and gas company is currently operating under immense pressure to reduce cost and boost efficiency. Senaya’s innovative supply chain and asset management solution delivers information that can help you decrease cost on every container you handle, by automatically tracking and monitoring mobile assets.


Tracking assets within the oil and gas supply chain can be complex. Producers, suppliers, contractors, and rental/leased equipment providers all have mobile assets that your business needs to track.

With Senaya’s infrastructure-free tracking you can monitor your assets and their status whether they are located in your warehouse, a partner’s facility, or on the road. Reporting is automated and our cloud-based software integrates the insight on your assets with your own scheduling and planning applications.

We can help you reduce data collection and reporting labor, cut rental and leased asset expenses, raise inventory accuracy, improve asset utilization and longevity, and increase overall productivity.


With Senaya’s tracking tools and automated alerts, you can ensure your assets are exactly where they need to be.

Liquid level, temperature, and pressure sensors collect data on your mobile assets that can be integrated into enterprise applications that help you optimize business performance. This information can be leveraged to support vendor managed inventory, automatic replenishment, route optimization, scheduling and planning applications, and more.

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